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Volkswagen Truck and Bus publishes sustainability report

Operating in more than 30 countries and headquartered in Brazil, Volkswagen Truck and Bus releases its sustainability report. The report is available for download at Result of more than six months of efforts involving approximately 1,500 individuals active within different spheres of the company's business, both internally and externally, the publication presents an overview of VWTB's approach to addressing issues related to the environment, society, and corporate governance.

In order to make its content even more accessible, the opening pages of the report offer a summary of VWTB’s main achievements in the area of sustainability in a digital format. The report’s release date coincides with the eight-year anniversary of publication of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – goals that VWTB has committed itself to achieving by ratifying the Global Compact in 2022. These initiatives are part of VWTB’s ESG trajectory, which the company has intensified in recent years.

“Our purpose is to develop sustainable transport solutions that are accessible to all. This is why we have invested in our internationalization process and are continuing to make key advances in the area of ESG, developing increasingly efficient and high-tech products, which allows VWTB to offer high-quality services and after-sales support to our customers”, affirms Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of Volkswagen Truck and Bus.

The report highlights the progress that the company has made in the area of sustainability and its latest efforts, from the creation of a Sustainability department to the establishment of a senior leadership committee tasked with addressing these issues within the company. The report also addresses the consolidation and certification of VWTB's first global greenhouse gas inventory, which will be used to map the respective impacts of its business activities and develop plans allowing the company to make further improvements in terms of sustainability.

These efforts are punctuated throughout Volkswagen Truck and Bus' Future program, which was launched in 2022 under the motto “Connecting today with tomorrow”. This program seeks to promote initiatives aimed at leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations. The objective is to leverage the best practices already adopted by the company in order to expand initiatives that make a positive impact. Such initiatives involve the development of a portfolio of products that offer reduced emissions, in addition to the continuous improvement of plant processes and other operations aimed at reducing the consumption of resources.

At the same time, Volkswagen Truck and Bus actively seeks to reflect the trust that members of society have placed in the company and made achievements possible like being the Brazilian truck market leader. The company maintains a close relationship with the community, supporting social initiatives in the areas of citizenship, culture, education, sport, health, environment and volunteering and has effectively doubled investments in these projects in order to benefit nearly five thousand individuals.

"It is precisely these kinds of facts and figures that readers will be able to find in our sustainability report, which is prepared based on international standards for publications of this nature and externally audited to ensure a high level of soundness and accuracy. This report is a reflection of our strategy aimed at offering transparency, accountability and respect, which reflects our efforts to remain a leading company not only terms of business results, but also as part of our relationship with employees”, states Livia Simões, Vice President of People & Culture and Sustainability at VWTB.

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