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Volkswagen Truck & Bus intensifies international strategy with start of production in Argentina

As part of yet another step towards internationalization, Volkswagen Truck & Bus will begin commercial production of its vehicles in Argentina today (14) in partnership with Volkswagen Group Argentina. Five vehicle models will be produced on an exclusive assembly line built in the group's industrial center in Córdoba, in an area totaling 15,000 square meters. With more than 25 years of operational experience in the country, VWTB will now be seeking to accelerate the brand's sales in the Argentine market, which was once VWTB’s main international market.

"Today we are taking another important step forward in expanding our brand’s global presence: we want to replicate in Argentina the formula for success that has made us a leader in truck sales in Brazil. In recent years, we have developed tailor made products for Argentine carriers, and we are able to rely on a professional and highly-committed local dealer network. The need for local production, however, was identified, and this new partnership with Volkswagen Group Argentina will allow us to pick up our pace and reach the top of the market, which will in turn benefit operations in both countries”, states Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

A total of 800 units are set for production as part of initial projections this year. The assembler has the capacity to reach a total production of 2,700 vehicles. The volume will be divided between two Delivery models (9.170 and 11.180), two Constellation models (both versions of 17.280 in rigid and tractor trucks) and one Volksbus (15.190 OD). Pilot production was started last year in order for vehicles to be homologated in the country. Models have since been cleared for sale with Argentine production. The company’s assembly line in Argentina is installed at the Córdoba industrial center.

“This latest milestone at our company is the result of the high level of professionalism and excellent teamwork demonstrated by our employees in Argentina, together with the consistent support and ongoing interaction of the VW Truck & Bus’s team in Brazil. We are very proud to see that our national truck and bus production project at the Córdoba industrial center has become such a success. This collaboration between Argentina and Brazil demonstrates our focus on strengthening the regional automotive industry and consolidating our presence in local markets", adds Marcellus Puig, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group Argentina.

Cortes and Puig communicated the official start of production on Monday at a meeting with Argentine authorities. The two executives met with the country's Economics Minister, Luis Caputo, and the Governor of the province of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora. The Volkswagen Group has carried out the most extensive investments in Argentina over the last ten years – a reflection of its ongoing commitment to the nation’s economic growth.           


About VW Truck & Bus

With more than 1.1 million vehicles produced, VWTB maintains operations in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Middle East. The company has factories located in Resende (RJ), Brazil, and Querétaro, Mexico, as well as partnerships in São Paulo (SP) aimed at the production of engines and vehicles in Pinetown, South Africa, and Manila, Philippines. There are a total of more than 350 VWTB dealers located around the world. Within Argentina, the brand is represented by 12 dealerships and 17 points of sale that provide coverage throughout the country’s national territory.


About Volkswagen Group Argentina

The Volkswagen Group continues to strengthen its presence in Argentina as consistently seen over the last 43 years, carrying out such efforts through means of its local business divisions: Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Volkswagen Truck & Bus, Audi and Ducati. More than 1.7 million units and 15 million transmissions produced in Pacheco and Córdoba, respectively. The Volkswagen Group maintains a presence in every Argentina province through an extensive network of official dealership. Approximately 5,000 employees work to produce the Amarok pickup truck, Taos SUV, high-end Ducati motorcycles, VW trucks and buses and gearboxes, 100% of which destined for export to a range of destinations worldwide, thereby contributing to the development of Argentine industry.


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