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Volkswagen electric trucks have tailormade warranty and parts

  • Extended warranty packages offer more convenience
  • Adding connected services and chargers brings advantages
  • Assured the availability of parts for service and replacement


Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus has prepared exclusive extended warranty packages for customers of VW e-Delivery 11 and 14 ton trucks. The tailormade offer brings progressive advantages and helps create an unprecedented electric mobility ecosystem for vehicle owners in Brazil.


Basic pack of three and six batteries - the vehicle, powertrain and batteries are guaranteed for one year, or up to 100,000 km for the three-battery pack, and up to 200,000 km for the six-battery pack.


Package with the RIO system able - the battery warranty is three years or up to 150,000 km for vehicles with three-battery packs and up to 300,000 km for vehicles with six-battery packs. In this condition the vehicle earns an additional year of warranty on the powertrain.


Package with the RIO system enabled plus the structure of authorized partners’ chargers - the battery warranty is extended to five years, or up to 250,000 km for the three-battery pack and up to 400,000 km for the six-battery pack. Vehicle and powertrain warranties are maintained at one and two years respectively.


The assembler also worked hard to ensure the availability of VW e-Delivery parts and electronic components through the authorized dealer network. Due to its innovative technology and robustness of the powertrain, the electric truck provides customers with the optimization of their maintenance, resulting in greater availability in operation. In addition to the common parts with other vehicles of the conventional line, already widely available through the dealer network, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus worked hard to ensure prompt service for the new exclusive items of the VW e-Delivery.


With the training and preparation of the network for the diagnosis of vehicles and with the guarantee of exclusive items of the VWCO brand, the VW e-Delivery customer has greater security in vehicle maintenance and a reduction in the complexity of the main components, thus reducing the maintenance cost of the truck.

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