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Volkswagen e-Delivery: the first electric truck 100% developed, tested and manufactured in Brazil arrives on the market

  • Zero emission vehicle, smart, safe and with the VWCO brand warranty
  • Pioneer with a complete e-Consórcio mobility ecosystem
  • Offering tailored service and after-sales solutions from Volks|Care



The most expected news on the market now arrives at Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus dealers. The VW e-Delivery, a light urban truck fully powered by electric energy, is now offered with an unprecedented consultancy service and services that form a complete electric mobility ecosystem. One hundred percent developed, tested and manufactured in Brazil, intelligent and safe, the e-Delivery models with 11 and 14 tons of gross vehicle weight are the result of R$ 150 million in investments, the equivalent of more than 400 thousand kilometers of tests and the full dedication of a team formed by 150 Brazilian engineers and technicians.


"The future has come. More than selling products or solutions in services, our purpose is to combine the transport of people and goods with the use of increasingly renewable and clean energies. This is what we have been doing throughout our 40-year history, researching different energy matrices, respecting the environment and building a legacy for society. And that now culminates in the arrival of e-Delivery”, celebrates Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of the automaker.


Complementing the offer of transport solutions with zero emissions, the unprecedented e-Consórcio comes into action. A partnership with some of the largest electromobility companies in the world, ensuring convenience and efficiency for the e-Delivery customer: from assembly to charging infrastructure and vehicle battery lifecycle management, integrating the entire supply chain. For the first time in Brazil, an electric truck is offered in a complete transport solution, with clear gains for the consumer.


"And the market already corresponds to so much innovation. In addition to the agreement already signed with Ambev, we have just closed the first deals with other large companies. Coca-Cola FEMSA Brasil and JBS are the first to acquire the Volkswagen electric models during the commercial launch," reinforces Cortes.


The VW e-Delivery 11 and 14 ton launches have on board state-of-the-art technology with the most refined intelligence systems. And they also come to stores with exclusive commercial consultancy, new Volks|Total e-Prev and e-Prime maintenance plans, in addition to a Volks|Care service and after-sales structure, specially designed to ensure vehicle availability and reduce its operational cost.



Inside the e-Delivery 11 tons 4x2

The lightest model in Volkswagen's electric family is equipped with an engine that delivers 300kW with a maximum torque of 2,150 Nm from zero rotation. Equipped with standard pneumatic suspension, it meets the most varied urban applications and has six battery modules and, optionally, three modules, according to the autonomy required for the operation. It has a gross vehicle weight of 10,700 kg and its maximum payload capacity, added to the body, reaches 6,320 kg.


Inside the e-Delivery 14 tons 6x2

This model will also surprise the market. With meticulous calibration for severe operation, its engine also delivers 300kW and 2,150Nm torque from the first revolutions. Its pneumatic suspension allows you to suspend one of the axles to generate even more economy in the operation. It is also very versatile in its applications and can receive six or three battery modules depending on the customer's wishes. It has a gross vehicle weight of 14,300 kg and its maximum payload capacity, added to the body, reaches 9,055 kg, the largest in its category in electrics in Brazil.


Partnership in business and development with Ambev


Developed, tested and manufactured in Brazil, the e-Delivery caught the world's attention in 2017, when it was presented during the Innovation Day, an event on innovative technologies promoted by the TRATON Group in Hamburg, Germany. And it was also world news in 2018, when Ambev, a company belonging to the AB InBev group, announced its intention to purchase 1,600 VW electric trucks. More recently, it placed its first firm order, for 100 units, whose delivery began last June.


It was also with Ambev that VWCO began an intense test program both in real use situations in the city of São Paulo (SP) and on runways and roads in Resende (RJ), where the automaker has its global research and development center. These tests, combined with intensive training, ensured a responsible launch, within the strict disciplines of the Volkswagen and TRATON Groups.


With this test cycle with Ambev alone, there were more than 45 thousand kilometers traveled, not emitting more than 34 tons of CO2 and not consuming more than 10,000 liters of diesel, besides proving the reliability in operation.



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