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Volksbus: 30 years tailored for Brazil and the world

 Brazilian technology in buses is taken to more than 30 countries

. Production of the brand's chassis is also made in Mexico, South Africa and the Philippines

. Online series will show testimonials and Volksbus milestones


The Volksbus bus chassis line, whose first model left the former assembly line of Volkswagen Truck & Bus in Ipiranga (SP) 30 years ago, has always been synonymous with robustness, technology and confidence for fleet owners and cooperatives. Now manufactured in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and also in the Philippines, the Volksbus family celebrates not only its 30th anniversary, but also the milestones of its entire history in passenger transport with models that mark the company's concept.

For this reason, the automaker prepared a special series for the press and social networks called “Volksbus: 30 years tailor-made.” Starting this month, testimonials from protagonists and stories of models that marked the concept and trajectory of the company will be highlighted in the communication content created by the truck and bus producer.

“For over three decades, our buses have conquered Brazil and the world. The Volksbus have conquered second place in the Brazilian market since their first year of sales. And the secret of our brand's success is based on a solid pillar: the customer always comes first,” says Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

Seven new models

With over 175,000 chassis produced since launch, the Volksbus line today has seven models, from minibuses to road chassis. The automaker has created variations for its chassis, according to the vehicle application and the type of suspension: rural, reinforced and with elevated platform; pneumatic suspension; pneumatic on the high-floor chassis; and pneumatic on the low-floor chassis. VWTB's customers can count on one of the largest dealer networks in Brazil, with widely trained teams. In addition, the brand continues to invest in new services, to make everything more modern and efficient, increasing the availability of vehicles for operation

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