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Strength to face any challenge

With over 96% energy efficiency, the e-Delivery's traction motor impresses with its power and strength. The vehicle delivers its maximum torque at low revs. It offers up to 300 kW of power and does not require the use of a transmission due to its high torque immediately transmitted to the traction axle. Depending on its configuration, the VW electric truck can depart on ramps of up to 28% without any difficulty. The same force you have to accelerate is reflected in the regeneration braking.


This performance is the result of a thorough calibration for severe operations. Its torque and power curves are unique and unprecedented, capable of meeting a wide range of applications. It is an alternating current permanent magnet synchronous motor. Its design is unique, made to be light and operate within the flexible modular architecture of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.


The vehicle also comprises a traction inverter, which acts as the brain of the engine, receiving commands on how the engine should act. It is the power and torque meter.

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