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Full proof security

e-Delivery has been tested in the most extreme situations and its development contemplates solutions for any concerns that you may have during its operation. Each component is continuously and uninterruptedly monitored through the RIO telemetry system, including information on the flow of energy from the batteries.


During recharging sessions, the e-Delivery keeps the plug locked with the charger to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the system. In the event of any anomaly, the flow is automatically interrupted and the cause of the problem can be identified via the vehicle’s on-board computer. The vehicle can be recharged in any weather condition. Come rain or shine, there is no danger for the user to operate this electric truck.


The battery composition is the safest on the market, more stable and with greater resistance to higher temperatures. Its construction also ensures protection from water. It is extremely safe, has been severely tested and approved.


Like any electric vehicle, the high voltage cables are identified in orange color and have reinforced shielding. In e-Delivery, there are about 50 meters of this cable with a very specific script to minimize risks. Quick-connect connections make it easy to change any component safely. These connections and energized components are not easily accessible to the end user, for the purpose of application safety.


A great differential of the e-Delivery is in its steering system, with extra safety ensured with the adoption of a double hydraulic pump, which operates in redundancy and guarantees normal driving even in the event of a failure of one of the equipment.

And the attention is already in the future as well: for those countries where legislation requires it, the e-Delivery is already equipped with a system to emit a sound similar to that of a diesel truck, with the function of alerting people close to the vehicle’s presence. It can be turned off in noise-restricted regions such as hospital areas.


If necessary, a VWCO technician is able to monitor this vehicle remotely in order to identify any anomaly that is affecting the proper functioning of the vehicle. As with the entire VWCO line, every detail is tailored to offer the customer the cleanest and most efficient transport solution.

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