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Production series of electric trucks VW is a pioneer in Brazil

  • The largest infrastructure of high power chargers in the country
  • The innovative e-Shop concept for energizing e-Delivery
  • Production of the novelty benefits from the 4.0 manufacturing at the Resende factory


VW Caminhões e Ônibus became the first industrial complex to manufacture large-scale electric vehicles in Brazil, having built a new area dedicated exclusively to electrification. The brand's global research and development center will also house the largest infrastructure of high-powered chargers in Brazil, with different models, to support all this innovation.


Heart of electrical assembly, the e-Shop is VWCO's new space where vehicles receive batteries and are energized for the first time to be started, meeting all the strictest safety protocols. Before getting there, the e-Delivery models are born on the same assembly line as diesel vehicles for maximum efficiency of the manufacturing unit and benefiting from the high standard of quality already established in the VWCO process and which is recognized in the market.


Modernizations throughout all workstations guarantee cutting-edge technology to their manufacturing, with superior precision and traceability in the processes. Each step was re-thought for greater productivity: in engine pre-assembly, for example, auxiliary systems are now consolidated. The traction component goes straight to the line edge to reduce complexity.


Also for the first time, the air suspension is installed at the factory. At the end of all assemblies, VW Caminhões e Ônibus submits the vehicle to new specific approvals for high voltage trucks, in addition to the same quality tests that all other products already undergo before being released to the customer with the guarantee of the Volkswagen standard.

Throughout the entire development, simultaneous engineering dominated the process for planning of manufacturing and logistics to this degree of synergy. This enabled the insertion of electrical technology into VWCO's portfolio and an addition of just one thousand square meters to its constructed area.


The manufacture of e-Delivery also benefits from all gains of industry 4.0 added by VW Caminhões e Ônibus in its process since the launch of the new Delivery line, which has a 60% automation level in the cabin framing. Automatic vehicle recognition technology also predominates, with a chip in each vehicle for robot programming.


It is state-of-the-art technology, comparable to the most modern production lines in Europe. The entire process was designed to provide flexibility and integration, resulting in efficient management of this intelligent factory.

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