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Perfect for adventures: VW Delivery 11.180 4x4 can turn into a motorhome

The VW Delivery 11.180 4x4 is the only light truck with all-wheel drive in Brazil, and can now be found on the roads with a motorhome implement. The company SERRO Motorhomes, headquartered in Campo Largo (PR), prepared the truck for the challenges of long trips with off-road stretches, with details and comfort that make it a 4x4 perfect for adventures.

The model manufactured by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus in Resende (RJ) undergoes adaptations such as the installation of three solar panels with stationary batteries, guaranteeing energy autonomy to its facilities, and also gains a clean water box with a capacity of 500 liters, allowing occupants to travel for up to 15 days.

To add more performance and attractiveness to the product, SERRO Motorhomes replaces the original wheelset with larger and more robust rim wheels, including the adaptation of fenders and side stirrups. The internal structure includes bathrooms, bedroom, living room, kitchen and cabin access, as well as adaptations to the needs of each client.

"4x4 vehicles have become a favorite of customers in recent years for motorhomes. The market has grown a lot, leveraged by the pandemic and the desire to travel safely. The VW Delivery 11.180 4x4 fit perfectly to receive our customized implement. Today we already have four vehicles in production, and the first will be delivered later this semester, "explains Vitória Vargas, Marketing Coordinator at SERRO Motorhomes.

Features of Delivery 11.180 4x4

The off-road characteristics are evidenced by several aspects, such as the height in relation to the ground of 196mm, making the truck ideal to face irregular terrain, without compromising the ease of loading and unloading and access to the cabin. Their entry and exit angles are respectively 30° and approximately 40 °, against 20° and 28° of the 4x2 model.

Whatever the scenario, the new 11.180 4x4 Delivery is able to face it. It has the highest total gross weight of its category, with 10.7 tons. The agility, on the asphalt or on the ground, is guaranteed with 175 horsepower and maximum torque of 600 Nm in a wide range of revolutions.

Watch the SERRO Motorhomes video with more details of the VW 11.180 4x4 and its implement:

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