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History made in the Andes: VWCO celebrates more than 25,000 vehicles exported to Chile

Volkswagen Truck and Bus is celebrating another key milestone in its history in Chile: the assembler has exported more than 25,000 units to its neighboring country, one of its main markets in Latin America. Winning over local customers with its high level of quality, durability, innovative technology, and personalized import services, the brand offers a range of models that are used in everything from urban cargo transport to off-road applications.

With the company’s success mainly driven by distribution, VWTB maintains a strong presence in the country alongside Porsche Chile, the third-largest importer in the Chilean truck market, providing services to key sector leaders. From among VWTB’s best-selling models, the Constellation and Delivery families have consolidated themselves as the most well-regarded truck models and are prevalent throughout the Andean country's portfolio.

“The Constellation 17.280, which is available in both automated and mechanical versions, is currently leading importer sales, with the versatile Delivery 9.170 model holding at a close second. These models are dominating the market due to their durability, versatility and comfort -- characteristics that are highly valued by local customers. Another key factor is our representatives’ ability to recognize specific market needs,” Renato Althmann, commercial consultant for International Sales at VWTB, explained.

The medium-duty VW Constellation 17.280 can also be highlighted due to its high maximum torque and ability to maintain speed on an incline. The Constellation is an extremely viable option for customers with operations in the mining sector. Chile is Latin America’s leader in the mining sector, and is home to the world’s fourth-largest mining industry.  The country is also located at one of the main points along what is known as the "Lithium Triangle", a region in which 60% of the world’s lithium reserves are concentrated. The rugged terrain in these areas require a high level performance from the engines and structures in vehicles used in operations.

“It is a very momentous occasion indeed to be celebrating another historic achievement at Volkswagen Truck and Bus. We promise to remain close to our customers, guaranteeing excellence in services and delivering concrete transportation solutions that will add value to their business. In addition to offering a complete line of products equipped with technologies specifically tailored to each market, VWTB is consistently striving to reach new heights," Matheus Francesco, International Sales Supervisor at VWTB, affirmed. Volkswagen Truck and Bus has shipped more than 180,000 truck and bus units overseas throughout its history -- a number that is only expected to grow.


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