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Futuro Program: VWTB continues to drive its ESG practices forward

With a focus on future generations and the preservation of the environment, Volkswagen Truck & Bus ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) journey has been renamed the Futuro Program. Adopting the motto "connecting today and tomorrow", the initiative aims to consolidate the best practices that have already been put in place by the assembler, as well as expand initiatives that have a positive impact on sustainability and diversity over the medium and long term.

When it comes to ESG initiatives, VWTB has always maintained a consistent pace in terms of development. These efforts are reflected in the company’s sustainability practices, which include the creation of working groups that seek to discuss and implement initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The company has also established a partnership with Rio de Janeiro State University aimed at promoting the development of the circular economy. At VWTB assembly plants, additional initiatives have been developed based on the same premise: the mapping of water leaks at the plant in Resende, improvements in indicators for vehicles produced, including a 32% reduction in waste disposed of in landfills, a 22% decrease in the consumption of electricity, and a 21% decrease in water withdrawal between 2018 and 2021.

VWTB has also set itself apart on the market with projects that benefit the community in which it operates. Included among ESG initiatives from VWTB is support for projects aimed at developing citizenship practices, culture, education, sport, environment, and volunteering opportunities. This is reflected in the company’s support for the construction of the first neonatal ICU unit in Resende, the municipality in which its assembly plant is located.

In recent years, the company has made significant advances in terms of pluralism and inclusion, intensifying awareness of such issues among leadership and employees in line with its pillar of social responsibility and ESG strategy. An example of these efforts are the professional training projects that the company has implemented for young people, such as Formare and Dual Study, as well as the Novos Horizontes Program, which offers financial support to persons with disabilities as they complete their studies in order to help prepare such individuals for the job market. More than 100 VWTB employees have volunteered as a part of five different affinity groups centering on issues of gender, race and ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, and intergenerational communication. These initiatives seek to create spaces in which individuals are free to express themselves and foster an inclusive and welcoming environment.

VWTB has also taken steps to further reinforce its commitment to corporate governance. VWTB has had an efficient compliance and risk management system in place for more than a decade, as well as an extensive system of internal controls. In addition to its code of conduct and ethics hotline, the company has installed a series of committees that assess and make strategic decisions related to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and proper conduct, among other key issues at the corporate level. The assembler also requires that its suppliers adopt the same stance, focusing on issues such as the prevention of pollution, compliance, respect for human rights, and data protection.

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