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Electric, smart and safe: learn more about e-Delivery

  • The most sophisticated onboard intelligence systems
  • Safety and extended battery life
  • In the cabin, a complete and customized panel

The new VW e-Delivery has around 100 sensors and new electronic controls to make the vehicle even more efficient. The novelty carries with it state-of-the-art technology with the most refined on-board intelligence systems. Solutions range from regenerating braking energy to more effective controls for the air conditioning. Whether automatically or by choice of the driver, e-Delivery always operates at its maximum efficiency.


One of the vehicle’s greatest assets is its engine regeneration system, capable of recovering more than 40% of the energy during braking, which will be used to recharge the batteries. The regenerative brake assists the service brake, in order to provide maximum vehicle deceleration and less wear on the components, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and increases the vehicle’s availability in operation. From a key on the panel, the driver can choose between three stages, varying the intensity of action of the system.


Another differential is the Eco-Drive Mode, activated by the driver when he needs to save battery power. With this command, the vehicle automatically adjusts its performance in operation, delivering only what is necessary and increasing its autonomy.


The vehicle’s intelligence goes even further: the e-Delivery comes equipped as standard with an inclinometer, a tilt sensor that analyzes the topographical condition and sends the message to the engine, all automatically. Combined with a hill start assist (HSA) system, it becomes a driver’s dream. The truck has enough strength and power to go up slopes of up to 28% without difficulty.


Highly efficient steering and brakes


The item security also adds the most modern. e-Delivery customers benefit from automatic traction control (known as ATC). Electronic sensors constantly monitor the vehicle’s trajectory and indicate any potential reduction in tire grip on the ground to automatically activate wheel brakes and adjust engine torque until friction and motion control is regained. The vehicle also has an ABS sensor on the auxiliary axle with a pressure modulating valve for better braking distribution.


In the batteries, in addition to managing the entire performance and energy flow, there is a specific thermal control, developed exclusively for e-Delivery, based on applications in emerging countries, which translates into a robust water cooling system with control temperature to prolong its service life. It also has a heating system for countries with lower temperatures. All according to the identified need and in a completely safe way.


The system monitors the battery temperature in real time to deliver maximum performance. It has different stages according to the vehicle’s operating condition. Electronic sensors monitor and react instantly to pressure, water and ambient temperature.


The entire vehicle is programmed to work efficiently, which results in lower energy consumption and better operating costs. In other words, your systems operate at maximum efficiency and don’t act without the need. There are even electronic controls for the brake compressor and air conditioning systems, which operate according to the demand of the vehicle, as requested by the driver.


In-cab comfort is also managed by intelligent systems. The air conditioning and heating systems are independent and with optimized performance. Care comes down to detail: new silencers were installed on all brake valves to reduce noise.


Electric, connected, intelligent and bespoke: the e-Delivery is also already prepared for high and low voltage electrical power outlets (ePTO).

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