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e-Delivery hits the market with Volks|Care 4.0 services

  • The exclusive Volks|Total e-Prev and e-Prime maintenance plans arrive
  • RIO e-Fleet, first connectivity service for electric vehicles
  • Among more novelties, the vehicle manual becomes digital and cognitive

Keeping its service standard tailored to its customers, VW Caminhões e Ônibus prepared two exclusive maintenance plans for the brand’s electric trucks: the Volks|Total e-Prev and e-Prime. The plans were specially developed to deliver to the customer the complete solution of services that are already part of the Volks|Care portfolio.


Volks|Total e-Prev is aimed at basic preventive maintenance according to a schedule, defined by intervals indicated by the assembler’s Engineering. Maintenance carried out at authorized dealerships includes changing fluids, filters, air conditioner compressor belt and lubrication of some mechanical components, covering parts and labor involved. The intervals are defined according to the vehicle’s operating condition, which can be mixed or severe.


Another plan offered is the Volks|Total e-Prime, which has all the coverages of the Volks|Total e-Prev plan plus corrective maintenance on parts and components that wear out over time of vehicle use, such as engine bearings electric drive, air conditioner compressor bearings, electronic components, windshield wiper blades, brake system drum and linings, and all inspection operations and eventual replacement of other components indicated by the assembler.


Maintenance is carried out per kilometer driven, according to the customer’s operation. All components mentioned will be replaced as needed, and with the information collected through RIO telemetry.


The Volks|Total e-Prev and e-Prime maintenance plans bring numerous advantages, the main one being peace of mind even after the warranty coverage period, as the plans can be contracted for five years. If the customer needs a broader coverage, VWCO will conduct all the necessary analysis of the operation and may extend the coverage terms. In addition, all communication and customer assistance channels will be available for the contracted coverage period.


RIO introduces e-Fleet to manage e-Delivery


Among the services available for VW e-Delivery is RIO e-Fleet, the first connectivity service for electric vehicle management. e-Fleet is the new RIO application – the TRATON Group’s brand of digital logistics solutions – in which the customer will be able to manage their entire fleet of VW e-Delivery trucks.


Through the application, the customer has access to the vehicle’s charging status, autonomy, range on the map with the vehicle’s current position, carbon footprint, operational reports, location history, maintenance programming and optimization, among other digital facilities. In addition, all VW e-Delivery trucks come with the RIO system box as standard.


The information collected by RIO will also help VWCO’s TCO consulting team calculate the vehicle total cost of ownership. A service provided free of charge to the electric truck customer, with monitoring of its operation to provide guidance on the best way to operate the vehicle within its contracted structure.


QR Code – digital relationship


The e-Delivery kicks off yet another digital service offering from VWCO. From now on, VW trucks leave the factory with the QR Code glued to the vehicle’s windshield. By scanning it, the driver has access to all Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus service channels: ChameVolks, digital manual, virtual assistant and the VWCO portal, all in one place and inside the cabin, through his cell phone.


Trucker Pay


And Trucker Pay could not be left out of this great release. The digital bank of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, in partnership with Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil, will be available to all fleet owners and self-employed e-Delivery truck drivers.


This is an open payment arrangement for the truck and bus ecosystem in Brazil, via a cell phone application, serving from fleet owners to truck drivers, and with strategic participation by the VWCO dealer network. The objective is to guarantee even more agility, safety and practicality in the road cargo transportation segment.




Another novelty is the TruckHelp application, which now also starts to help electric truck customers in the purchase of parts, services and emergency assistance. An exclusive space where drivers can have access to dealers authorized to serve the e-Delivery, ensuring that the electric truck customer is served wherever and whenever necessary. Including access button to ChameVolks, to facilitate the daily lives of customers.


VWCO Field Service – mobile


When requesting a service on ChameVolks, the customer receives a link on his cell phone to follow all the steps, from the request for help to its conclusion. In this application, the customer follows the trajectory of the dealership mechanic until the arrival of the vehicle that needs to be serviced. What transmits peace of mind to the customer, who knows they are being served.



48-hours monitoring


All vehicles with RIO telemetry enabled are monitored during the service period in the dealer network and, if for any reason this service exceeds 48 hours, an internal support team is automatically called in to speed up the solution of the problem. All this to increase vehicle availability.


Remote assistance


Both for vehicles that exceed 48 hours at the dealership, as well as for a need for support, the VWCO dealer network now has remote assistance glasses, where the assembler’s engineers provide support, to streamline solutions and availability to vehicles.


Cognitive manual and digital manual


And to complete the package of digital services that will accompany the e-Delivery, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus launches yet another evolution in its services: VW e-Delivery customers will have access to the cognitive manual, an evolution of the traditional vehicle manual.


Using a voice command, the driver searches from technical information about the truck to instructions on how to change the tire. The platform’s artificial intelligence responds to text or voice searches, and the information is constantly being updated through curation that makes the platform also learn to adapt to the driver’s needs.


For customers who want the manual in writing in a digital version, it can also be accessed through the portal or through the QR Code in the vehicle.

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