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e-Delivery factory teams and dealers are qualified

  • Eight thousand people will have access to materials in the authorized VWCO network
  • Three thousand employees already trained in Resende (RJ)
  • Digital resources bypass Covid-19 pandemic restrictions

For the start of series production of the e-Delivery electric truck, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus invested in several rounds of safety training and general knowledge to qualify all those working on the electric assembly line, regional sales offices throughout Brazil and also its dealership network. There will be eight thousand people accessing materials at VWCO’s authorized stores, which will be added to the more than three thousand already trained at the assembler’s facilities.


The project brought to the assembler several new components not yet known by most employees, such as lithium batteries and high voltage cables. Valuing internal security, a specialized team of VWCO employees from the Engineering, Quality, After-Sales, Training and Human Resources areas was created to prepare the full range of training for this new vehicle.


In all, for the internal public, four levels of qualification were made available, from general knowledge about the product, which has already been carried out by around three thousand company employees. The training ranges from more specific content, aimed at those directly involved in the assembly of the electric truck, to general aspects that should be known by everyone.


The priority was to maintain the internal safety of everyone involved during the production of electric vehicles and not expose employees to the risk of serious accidents, due to the high voltage of cables and batteries. A cultural change directly linked to the treatment and development of the product was necessary. Therefore, it was necessary for all employees, from production to management, to carry out the training.




The qualification project highlights points of attention for everyone, from battery assembly to the moment the vehicle is electrified, known as commissioning the high voltage vehicle, when the electric vehicle is energized for the first time, requiring specific procedures to deal with voltages greater than 600V.


It is an immersion in the specific demands of electric propulsion, to teach employees how to recognize and deal with the safety processes of this new product, in accordance with the most rigorous tests and certification necessary for a historic launch like this one.


In addition to internal training, the assembler prepared a complete material to be made available to more than eight thousand people who will have contact with the product through the network of authorized dealers. As it is an innovative product, the assembler was concerned with translating all the technology and technical knowledge of the engineers and transforming this content into training with language and didactics accessible to everyone.


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many training courses have already been created in digital format. Others received adaptations for access through the online training platform, enabling the VWCO network in an agile, safe and modern way.




VWCO has also conducted several workshops on e-Delivery for public agencies in Brazil, such as the São Paulo State Military Fire Department, the Rio de Janeiro State Military Fire Department and the relevant public security entities in the municipalities of Resende, Porto Real and Itatiaia (RJ).


Theoretical training, conducted by VWCO’s e-Mobility team, addressed notions about the truck’s electrical characteristics, with the aim of enabling professionals from these institutions to safely deal with possible accidents involving the vehicle.

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