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Clean delivery: Supergasbras starts unprecedented bulk distribution of LPG in Volkswagen electric truck

The unprecedented project is a partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus, Grupo EGSA and JUNTU Rental

Supergasbras, a company of the SHV Energy group, world leader in the distribution of LPG, announces that it will put its first electric truck (VW e-Delivery) out on the streets to transport Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in bulk. The project - the first of its kind in the world - is a partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus, Grupo EGSA and JUNTU Rental.

The implementation of VW e-Delivery for transporting bulk LPG in the Supergasbras operation will bring benefits in terms of sustainability and reduction of pollutant emissions. With a cleaner energy matrix, from a renewable source, the vehicle is a landmark in the LPG sector in relation to the environment.

According to Júlio Cardoso, president of Supergasbras, this movement reinforces the company's strategy in the context of energy transition. “We are constantly looking for new solutions and technologies that add benefits to society, the environment and our company. Therefore, it is very gratifying to have entered into this partnership and to present to the market a new concept of sustainable LPG transport”, he celebrates.

With a range of up to 250km, the vehicle is initially expected to circulate in Rio de Janeiro, having as its starting point Supergasbras' largest bottling park, located in Duque de Caxias.

“The company plans to expand its electric fleet, but, as this is a pilot project, we are going to test this vehicle and then proceed with others and expand the routes”, ponders Júlio.

Aiming at sustainability and with a focus on being pioneers, the companies came together to develop the project for the first electric truck in the world to transport LPG in bulk, with a capacity of 9m3 of tank volume and installation of an LPG transfer pump (Blackmer) with electric drive. A challenging and innovative proposal from the point of view of building the pressure vessel, equipment, to the imported supplies for delivering the product to the customer. 

According to Adolfo Luis Vicentim, Director of JUNTU RENTAL, the company advanced with the process and specifications for new energy modal solutions for its trucks for the transport of fractioned critical loads, aiming to offer quality equipment, such as sustainable and reliable solutions for tracking dangerous product loads.

“With the search for new technological and sustainable solutions, we present to the market the leasing of the first 100% electric bulk LPG truck, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and innovating for new energy matrices in the country's logistics modal”, he adds.

The tank was built at the EGSA plant in Paulínia (SP), and complies with the ASME and RTQ6C standard, required for road transport. The model chosen for the design and construction of the truck was a VW e-Delivery with a 14-ton PBT and 100% electric, the first vehicle with the technology fully developed in Latin America.

“This operation demonstrates all the innovative capacity of Brazilian engineering, with our professionals working in partnership with customers to provide new and increasingly efficient transport solutions. This tailor-made service is part of our DNA and with VW e-Delivery we have become even more specialized in this complete customer consultancy”, says Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VW Truck & Bus.

The VW e-Delivery brings a lot of on-board intelligence to ensure the maximum energy efficiency expected in the operation with the tank and the entire bulk gas transport system, in a safe, sustainable and comfortable way.

“In addition to VW e-Delivery offering low operating costs, Supergasbras benefits from our network of dealerships highly qualified for electric technology and connectivity with our RIO platform, which facilitates vehicle management and optimizes its efficiency and availability”, adds Roberto Cortes.

With the energy transformation, there are many opportunities to rethink current equipment. In this sense, EGSA do Brasil, a leader in South America, has adopted an innovative culture, with evidence of its transformative role in the LPG industry. “This project is the result of our commitment to the development of products and new solutions, and the result of the efforts of our team, technology and processes, which act to offer differentiated values to our customers and to society”, says André Vicentim, Director of Grupo EGSA do Brasil.

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